Kennards Hire: BESS Powers The Construction Of The M4-M5 Sydney WestConnex Tunnels

Partnering with Kennards Hire, our 45kVA POWR2 POWERBANK was used as a 24/7 power source during the construction of the M4-M5 Sydney WestConnex tunnels.


Kennard's Hire


WestConnex Tunnel Project, Sydney



The Challenge

Diesel Fuel Wastage & Disruptive Generator Noise

Kennards Hire was called in to assist Acciona Samsung Bouygues Joint Venture (ASBJV) to power the WestConnex M4-M5 Link Tunnel construction site in Sydney.

The site was using a 150kW diesel generator to power 16 temporary construction sheds 24/7. The site was going through large quantities of diesel fuel and experiencing disruptive generator noise throughout the night. The generator was also severely underloaded and suffering from engine damage with only 10-25kW of power being used to run the shed’s lights, computers, AC and security systems.

Disruptive noise pollution for nearby residents

Excessive diesel fuel wastage on oversized generators

Engine damage from generator underloading

The Solution


Our 45kVA POWR2 POWERBANK provided ASBJV with a rental ready, drop-in solution to supplement diesel as the primary source of power. Using lithium-ion batteries, the POWERBANK provides 20 hours of clean, silent power from a single charge, cutting noise pollution and fuel wastage on construction sites. Blue Diamond also paired the BESS unit with a 100kW generator to assist with peak load periods and to charge the POWERBANK battery if needed. 

Zero Co2, NOx & PM emissions from the battery

6000 hour battery lifecycle

Protects generator from low load running

Extends generator lifespan & service intervals

The Outcome

70% Reduction In Generator Run Time & 53,091L Of Fuel Saved

ASBJV transitioned from running an oversized 150kW generator 24/7 to a smaller 100kW generator charging the POWERBANK battery for just three hours, twice a day. After three months, the POWERBANK reduced diesel consumption on the site by 70% and cut disruptive generator noise pollution by 75%. The POWERBANK also helped ASBJV save over 53,091 litres of fuel over 12 months.

Other benefits the POWERBANK BESS brought to the site over a 12 month period include: 

$78,677AUD total net savings

65% fewer refuelling visits

67% less downtime & contractor visits

143Tn fewer CO2 emissions

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