Hybrid Energy Solutions

Reduce carbon emissions and OpEx by integrating renewable technologies into your energy mix.

solar panels on mine site

Integrating Renewable Technologies

Through our Net Zero Equipment range, we can provide a range of renewable and decarbonising solutions for mining, construction and remote industry. Our clean energy technology can be integrated into your existing energy supply as part of a hybrid power solution (if combined with conventional power sources such as diesel generators) or packaged as an entirely renewable and emission-free solution.

Hydrogen Generators

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

Hybrid Power Systems


Electric Site Transport Vehicles

Solar Powered Water Pumps

Microgrids and Battery Storage

Operating independently from the grid, microgrids allow remote and regional facilities to access a reliable supply of power while reducing emissions and saving on maintenance, fuel and associated transport costs. Blue Diamond can package and supply the right solution for your site – whether connection to the grid is available or not.

Increase energy efficiency with no reliance on the grid

Efficient power supply that can be produced where and when it’s needed

Scalable, modular and redeployable

Power for Today and Power for a Cleaner Future

As energy needs increase and concern for climate change grows, there is a need to transition away from traditional fuels for power generation. To help our customers reach their sustainability goals, we have a complete range of clean technology alternatives including:

Battery Energy Storage Systems

Hybrid Power Systems

Hydrogen-powered Generators

Electric Site Transport Vehicles

Solar-powered Light Towers

Solar Water Pumps