Onsite Power Analysis (OPA)

Onsite power analysis provides a comprehensive review of your site. Our experienced team utilise data to find efficiencies across your site, and provide recommendations to improve efficiency and reduce risks.

Two workers operating a Primero diesel Generator with Blue Diamond Machinery

Our Process

When our clients are looking to find efficiencies across their sites, we utilise data logging to ensure the next stage of their project is powered with the most efficient equipment available.

Step 1: Assessment – First, we assess whether the site/application is suitable for analysis.

Step 2: Data Logging – We will either send the data logger to the site, where the site electrician will install and initiate the data logging process, or we will deploy a technician to perform the same task.

Step 3: Modelling & Recommendations – After a period of 1-2 weeks, we will disconnect the logger and return it to our base. We will then download the load data and analyse it using our models to identify and recommend the optimal solution and products for our clients.