Linkforce: Prime & Standby Power For Fortescue Railway Project

Blue Diamond Machinery customised 3 Perkins generator units to power up a welder during the Fortescue Railway Project.


FMG & Linkforce


Fortescue Railway Project, WA



The Challenge

Maintaining Robust Power In Remote & Volatile Pilbara Conditions

FMG & Linkforce required a reliable, cost-effective and efficient prime power solution to power a Schlatter GAAS80.0.1 Flashbut welder. The welder was working to support the largescale Fortescue Railway project in Western Australia’s Pilbara region. Due to the remote and often volatile working environment, the power source needed to be well-suited to hot, dusty and demanding conditions. 

Hot and dusty conditions

Unreliable grid access

Demanding power requirements

The Solution

Three Custom-Built Perkins Generators

Blue Diamond Machinery provided 3 custom built Perkins 650kVA generator units. We opted to synchronise the generators, running 2 units off prime power and 1 unit in standby for emergency backup. This allowed for maximum fuel efficiency and reliability of the system throughout the project.  

Each generator was also fitted with oversize engines and PMG to provide stable Hz for the welder. They maintained less than a 4% frequency drop during the preheating pulse of 1,580 amps over just 2 generators. 

3 custom built Perkins generators

High power output

Fuel efficient, reliable power source

The Outcome

Unlimited Power For Heavy Duty Welding Operations

Using the 3 custom Perkins generators running in sync, Linkforce was able to operate their welder at full capacity throughout the project without lengthy charging cycles or power disruptions. Paralleling the generators together also provided a more efficient, reliable supply of power without the burden of heavy fuel costs. This ensured the project was completed on time without any costly delays. 

Constant, heavy duty power supply

Less diesel refuelling & handling

Project deadline was met

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