Powering Tower Cranes With The AMPD Enertainer Battery Energy Storage System

Our AMPD Enertainer unit was used as a diesel fuel replacement to power on-site tower cranes for LendLease's Wyndham Law Court development.




Wyndham, Melbourne



The Challenge

Costly Power For Large-Scale Construction

LendLease needed to avoid the heavy costs associated with diesel fuel on a large-scale construction development for Court Services Victoria. They were looking for a long-term solution to lower on-site noise pollution and costly emission output while powering on-site tower cranes over a two-year period.  

Costly fuel consumption

Disruptive noise pollution

On-site exhaust emissions

The Solution

The AMPD Enertainer Unit

Blue Diamond Machinery supplied AMPD’s 500kW Enertainer unit to ensure reliable, large-scale power. The AMPD Enertainer is able to provide power to successfully operate on-site tower cranes without relying on a diesel generator or the electrical grid. Worker’s experience stable, clean and long-term solution to power generation while helping LendLease reach their carbon reduction targets. 

Zero reliance on diesel fuel or the grid

Cleaner, stable power

Long-term large-scale power solution

energy storage system on construction site

The Outcome

70-90% Lower Carbon Emissions

Using the AMPD Enertainer unit, LendLease can lower their carbon footprint by 70-90% in comparison to a diesel generator. The Enertainer’s lithium-ion battery technology delivers quiet power without diesel exhaust fumes, making site operations cleaner and safer. It also eliminates the hassle of disruptive refuelling and fuel logistics. The Entertainer unit also has the capacity to save up to 12.5 tonnes of CO2 and 7000L of diesel per month. 

Significant carbon reduction savings

Eliminates noise pollution

No diesel refuelling or handling

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