DWS: Water Management For MELconnx Train Line Project 

Blue Diamond Machinery provided a hassle-free water management solution for a long-term train line project from Morley to Ellenbrook.




Ellenbrook, Western Australia



The Challenge

Costly and Time-consuming Water Management

A reliable dewatering solution was needed to manage groundwater levels during a long-term train line project from Morley and Ellenbrook in Western Australia. Without a reliable water management solution to keep water levels down, the project was at risk of low efficiency and low productivity on-site.

The Solution

30+ Impulse MobileDewatering Pumps

Blue Diamond Machinery supplied 30+ Impulse mobile dewatering pumps (ranging from 4 inch, 6 inch and 8 inch pumps). The dewatering pumps manage groundwater levels effectively to prevent the disruption of the project from the water levels returning. Each mobile pump includes a noise-reducing canopy, a user-friendly control panel, and an inbuilt telemetry system.

The Outcome

Fuel Efficient & Hassle-free Operation

Impulse Pumps provide a highly fuelefficient and extremely reliable dewatering solution to ensure the Ellenbrook to Morley train line project continues 24/7 without hassle or disruption.

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