Powering Marvel Stadium With the GEH2 Hydrogen Generator

Our GEH2 hydrogen power generator was used to light up Melbourne’s Marvel Stadium using hydrogen fuel cell technology.


Marvel Stadium




Sporting & Events

Introducing the GEH2

Save Significantly on Carbon Emissions

Using the newest hydrogen and Toyota fuel cell technology, the GEH2 was able to save around 100kg of carbon dioxide over its seven hour run time in comparison to using the electrical grid.

Only 6kg of Hydrogen

Almost 100kg carbon savings

Seven hour run time

Powering the Future

Reliable, Optimised Power

The GEH2 delivers up to 80kW (or 100kVa) of power with the potential to replace conventional power sources. In the case of Marvel Stadium, the unit successfully powered up the Marvel sign and coaches box using only 10-15% of its total capacity while still delivering a robust, uninterrupted power supply.

80kW power output

Completely replaces the grid

Uninterrupted power with only 10-15% capacity

Any Application

Not Just For Mining & Construction

Marvel Stadium is just one example of the GEH2’s multiple application use. The unit can power anything from construction sites, mining operations, large-scale facilities such as airports and hospitals as well as sporting and events.

Construction & Mining

Remote locations with grid access

Emergency power for large scale facilities

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