PLN: GEH2 Powers Large Scale Utility Services Across Indonesia

Blue Diamond Machinery are partnering with primary electricity provider in Indonesia, PLN to conduct a 12 month trial of 3x GEH2 Hydrogen Generators. Throughout the trial, the generators will power various utility applications across Indonesia.


Perusahann Listrik Negara (PLN)





The Challenge

Costly Fuel Logistics & Air Pollution Concerns

PLN currently run their electricity supply off more than 5,000 diesel generators throughout the Indonesian archipelago. Constantly maintaining and sending diesel supplies to these generators, especially on remote islands, presents a significant logistical challenge for PLN. It also hinders their goal of 52% renewable energy capacity and net zero emissions by 2060.  

Difficultly refuelling & servicing generator fleet

Excessive CO2 emission output

Rising diesel prices driving up OpEx

The Solution

The GEH2 Hydrogen Generator

Blue Diamond Machinery are loaning 3 GEH2 Hydrogen Generators to PLN to power various applications across Indonesia. 

Acting as a replacement for large diesel generators, the GEH2 Hydrogen Generator provides a completely clean, consistent source of power without diesel fumes, noise or CO2 emissions. The only output is hot water and filtered air, assisting PLN to reach their net zero targets. The unit’s lithium-ion battery technology also removes the need for constant and disruptive refuelling.  

The GEH2 also features online monitoring with 4G connection, allowing for real time updates on generator performance from afar. 

Zero CO2, NOx & HC emission output

Zero noise pollution

Reduces reliance on diesel generators

The Outcome

Reduced Carbon Emissions Throughout Operations

The GEH2 provides PLN with access to a low-carbon drop-in solution to replace diesel as baseload power throughout operations.  

The GEH2 utilises PLN’s existing network of green hydrogen facilities throughout Indonesia. With the potential to produce hydrogen fuel on-site, it shortcuts major fuel logistics hassles for the company. Trailing the GEH2 also reflects PLN’s commitment to Indonesia’s sustainable energy transition and mitigating climate change impacts.  

Minimises fuel logistics hassles

Significant OpEx savings

Supports renewable energy and net zero targets

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