Santos: Hydrogen Generator Demonstration to Charge On-Site Buggies

Blue Diamond Machinery provided Oil & Gas producer, Santos with a demonstration to use our GEH2 Hydrogen Generator.




Cooper Basin, SA


Oil & Gas Production

The Challenge

Finding a Low Emission Option for Recharging Site Vehicles

One of Australia’s leading gas and oil producers, Santos, were looking for a way to recharge their on-site buggies with low or no emissions.

Santos rely on their electric buggies to transport their team around their large-scale facility 

In need of a low-emission alternative to charge on-site vehicles

Looking to reduce reliance on the electrical grid

The Demonstration

The GEH2: Zero Emission Power Generation

Blue Diamond Machinery modelled up a power solution and provided Santos with a demonstration to use the GEH2 hydrogen generator to charge their on-site electric buggies. The unit is capable of powering almost any application without relying on diesel generators or the electrical grid.  

Modelled a custom, long term power solution

Zero emission power as part of their decarbonisation plan

No need for diesel generators

The Outcome

Successfully Charged Site Vehicles with Zero Emissions

The GEH2 successfully powered Santos’s on-site electric buggies, allowing Santos to continue operations while fulfilling their long-term decarbonisation commitments  

Lowers on-site emissions

Fast, accessible power

Perfect for companies looking to decarbonise

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